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“Heart Beat” by chris cohen

Muffled like the sunlight on a snowy day. Gentle like the aroma from a brew of jasmine tea. The doubled vocal harmonies are thin pink ribbons wrapped so many times around the gift of that twinkling melody. They’re like extra whipped cream on a sundae — a guilty pleasure that’s childish and certainly too much. But […]

Stranger/Lover (Mura Masa Remix) by Ibeyi

Discovered this track by listening to song suggestions, and it’s one of my favorite new finds. Mura Masa’s subractive take on Ibeyi’s soulful “Stranger/Lover” Features strong West African influence and tasteful vocal flanging. Favorite part: delay on “come heal in my arms” after first chorus. Added to Basement Sorbet. Purchase the album, Ibeyi  

“If I Was A Folkstar” by The Avalanches

Once again, an Australian band makes its way to my heart with a trip down memory lane in sonic form. “If I Was A Folkstar” is a beautiful nostalgia-inducing experience. Favorite part: harmony and delay during “let’s wake up side by side/let’s sleep in till we die.” Added to caramel. Purchase the album, Wildflower